Teach You How To Choose A Pair Of Glasses Frame That Suits You

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1. Full-frame frames: There are complete rings to wrap the lenses. It is suitable for athletes and children to wear. Because the periphery of the lens is completely protected by the lens ring, it is suitable to be fitted with lenses with various refractive parameters.


Full rim frame

2. Half-rim frame: the upper part of the lens ring is made of metal or plastic materials, and the inner part is slotted, and nylon wire is inlaid, and the lower part of the lens ring uses a very thin nylon wire (drawing) as the lower part of the mirror. ring. Since the lower part of the lens is not blocked by the lens ring, and the edge of the lens is too thick and will affect the appearance, it is not suitable for this type of lens frame if the power is too high.


Half-rim frame

3. Rimless frame: There is no ring, only the metal nose bridge and metal temples. The lens and the nose bridge and the temples are directly connected by screws. Generally, holes are punched in the lens. The frameless frame is lighter and more unique than the ordinary frame, but the general strength is slightly worse than that of the full frame. Children are not recommended to use this type of frame. The joints of the frame are easy to loosen, the screw length is limited, and the degree of power is too high. Class frame.


Rimless frame

4. Combination frame: There are two sets of lenses at the front frame of the combination frame, one of which can be turned up, usually for indoor and outdoor use. The common ones are sunglasses clips or 3D glasses clips. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to find a clip of the same size as your myopia frame, unless you buy a whole set.


Combination frame

5. Folding frame: The frame can generally be folded at the bridge of the nose and the temples to reduce the space occupied by the frame when storing or carrying; this kind of frame is generally used for reading glasses. The lens is easy to grind, and the connection is easy to loosen.


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