Maintenance of Hand Lens Edger

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Small angle grinder is a frequently used electric tool in our daily life, but usually ignore the maintenance of the angle grinder, so here to remind everyone in the process of use is also required to maintain.

1, often check whether the power cord coupling is solid, whether the plug is loose, whether the switch action is flexible and reliable.

2, check whether the brush is worn too short, to replace the brush in time to prevent the formation of excessive spark or burn the armature due to poor brush contact.

3、Check that the inlet and outlet of the tool are not blocked, and clear the oil and dust from any part of the tool.

4、Grease should be added in time.

5、If the tool breaks down, send it to the manufacturer or the designated maintenance office for repair. If the tool is damaged due to abnormal use or human error, the manufacturer generally does not repair or exchange the tool for free.

6、Check the markings of the angle grinder. The angle grinding cannot be used: no mark, can not see the mark, can not be verified, regardless of whether there are shortcomings.

7, check the shortcomings of the angle grinding. This inspection method has 2 kinds: visual inspection, direct eye observation of the angle grinding surface has no cracks and other problems; knocking inspection, which is the main check inside the angle grinding, its method is to use a wooden mallet to knock the angle grinding. If there is no problem with the angle grinding should be a crisp sound, if it is other sound is indicative of a problem.

8、Check the rotary strength of the angle grinder. Put the same kind of the same batch of models of angle grinding using rotary strength spot check, without the test angle grinding absolutely can not be installed and used.

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