Anti Blue Ray Computer Glasses

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 Anti blue ray computer glasses

Eisihelcy Brand eyeglasses optical frame Anti blue ray computer glasses, help to protect your eyes when use computer or phones. Even after you are indoor or outdoor.or everywhere.

No matter you use computer for all day or under bright sunlight,No matter for kids or for women and men,If you wear the brand Eisihelcy glasses that prevent blue light easily.

As you know not all the optical blue ray lens is good for use,meanwhile,we impossible block all the blue rays.Because some blue ray is benefit to our health.

The scientist said if the blue blocker glasses block 100% at 400-550nm .That is the best one choice.

And our blue ray lens is made of CR resin lens,it’s a pigment dye infused into the lens it is enduring to use when you get our glasses to protect your eyes from blue light.

I show you how many kind eyeglasses for computer blue light,

Please read the lens for computer screen blue light glasses pictures,and lens test reports

From light color to dark color

1.8010 blue light glasses,Its crystal color,it can block 20% blocked

2.8005 computer glasses, It’s the second one,a bit yellow,it can block 37.6% blue ray

3.8016 blue screen filter glasses,It’s the third one,It can blocked 55.79% blue light

4.8008 blue light uv blocking glasses,It’s the dark one,it’s also called sleeping blue ray glasses

Blocked 97% blue rays

So you have many options.We are happy to customize any grade blue light glasses for global customers.


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