How To Adjust Acetate Eyeglasses Frame Shape And Temple Balance By Yourself ?

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So you know that is popular glasses frames .


Do you know the acetate optical glasses can adjust its shape and temple balance by yourself ?

Watch this video, you will know acetate frame and acetate sunglasses is so premium than other eyeglasses.
If you have one acetate spectacles frame or acetate quality sunglasses ,when you wear it for a long time, you can adjust it by your hand easily.


1.    if meet one optical eyewear frames was a bit tilted and temple imbalance, put sun glasses into flat desk

2.    Put it before any heat machine 2-3 minutes,make eye glasses shape a bit soft.

3.    please follow the next step.look at eyewear frame top view & bottom view, checking or touch which glasses frame temple is imbalance.


4.     two hands hold bridge ,then make a bit stongly,To make sure press higher temple turn down,another temple turn top side.Make sure two optical glasses temple going balance on desk.


5.    Then a bit strongly power to bend  glasses frame two corners that temple toward inside .

6.    After this way ,make sun glasses or optical frame two temples balance, the important is  that put into 0 to 10 degree celsius cold water make cold.

7.    Then cleaning sun glasses,put sunglasses onto desk keep 30 minutes to 60 minutes , It is more better keeping more time to balance for two temples.

8.     After 30minutes to 60 minutes,Solve it all problems : )


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