Refusal To Dilate The Pupils Of The Child. Will Dilation Hurt The Eyes?

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Mydriasis is a normal inspection method, no need to worry!

What is mydriasis?

Mydriasis is a refraction performed when the ciliary muscle of the eye is completely paralyzed by the application of drugs, and the adjustment effect is lost.

1. Why do children’s glasses have to dilate?


Children’s eye adjustment ability is very high. Therefore, if the pupils are not dilated and paralyze the ciliary muscles during the examination, it is possible to detect too high myopia, or the examination results show myopia (pseudo-myopia) without myopia. .


2. Is pupil dilation harmful to the body?


Infants and young children generally use long-acting ciliary paralysis agents because of their strong regulating function; school-age children and adolescents use short-acting drugs, which usually recover within 6 hours. The dilated pupils after pupil dilation will cause photophobia and difficulty in seeing near. These are all normal phenomena. Parents do not need to worry. They only need to avoid strong light exposure after pupil dilation and do not use eyes at close range.


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